Next PHCA General Meeting Wed., 1 October 2014 @ SSIMS

Park Hills Civic Association General Meeting
October 1, 2014
Silver Spring International Middle School
Secretary’s Report – Paul Guinnessey
Treasurer’s Report – Leslie Downey
Vice-Pesident-s Report – Chris Richardson
  • The Pedestrian Safety campaign
  • Residential Wayne/PLIAG
  • The new library and outreach strategy
  • Sweeping the Creek/Adopt the Road
  • The Thanksgiving Parade
Election of PHCA Treasurer – Alan Bowser
Executive Committee Proposal to increase dues to $15 annually – Alan Bowser
 Voter Registration Deadline & Election Day – Alan Bowser
Tuesday, October 14 and Election Day November 4
MCPD – Joy Patil or MCPD representative
Guest speaker – County Executive Ike Leggett