Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch volunteer are needed for each street in the Park Hills neighborhood (for map of Park Hills, go to home page and click “What is PHCA”).  It’s okay if two or more persons volunteer for the same street!

Neighborhood Watch, fortunately, requires little actual time — just your vigilance and your willingness to serve as “eyes and ears” for your Park Hills street.  Those who are ready and willing to serve may contact Chris Richardson.

FYI – Neighborhood Watch signs have been placed by the County’s Department of Public Works and Transportation (now simply Dept. of Transportation) at the following locations:

  • Mansfield Road at Wayne and Dale
  • Mansfield at the grassy knoll
  • Fleetwood at Dale
  • Piney Branch at Dale
  • Sligo Creek and Dale
  • Wayne at Sligo Creek
  • Wayne at Dale
  • Dale at Wayne
  • Greenbrier Drive.

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